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Soon, soon, very soon I’ll – Angelique van Campen – publish for our readers a comprehensive review of the Carenado C90B King air for X-Plane 11. Last test flights are more or less done, perhaps a return flight included, but the overall review is at the end. Expect the review to be published somewhere this coming week.

Was it fun, did I see weird things?
I did see a couple of things, but that was on different OS platforms. I tested the aircraft with Windows 10 bootcamp with X-Plane 11.05rc2 and xEnviro, but I also tested it on macOS Sierra and even on High Sierra. Both Mac X-Plane versions used modified clouds and Lua scripts. I did notice that with High Sierra the cursor changed into a square. It’s a known issue as far as I understood, at least with a nVidia GPU on a Mac. Not sure if simmers who own the latest iMac with the AMD GPU have the same problems.

Anyway, I shot some new fullwidth C90B King Air and posted them on the landing page of X-Plained. Enjoy!