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Important … important … feedback needed!

A “No More Information button” ….what’s that?
On our fullwidth sliders with “the X-Plane 11 logo”, “Aircraft models” and “Sceneries” related screenshots, you always had to click the More Information button to go ahead and, depending on what/which screenshot you clicked, you where forwarded to the developers website, X-PLane.Org or Aerosoft. This wasn’t really handy to be honest. Sometimes the more information button was hardly to see and other times it was ugly in relation to the beautiful screenshot.

That said, times to test out something new.

For test purposes ….. the X-Plane 11 dedicated fullwidth slider has no longer the “More Information” button, but the whole screenshot is a HOT clickable area. Try it out yourself!
No need to seek for that “More Information” button. Just click somewhere on the X-Plane 11 screenshot and you’re guide to ……..

Let us know what you think of it? In case the overall feedback is positive, we’ll implement this also in the other fullwidth sliders.