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Oops, that was another surprise. I did see Ben Supnik’s blog regarding Public Beta 12, but this morning it came up with another update, X-Plane 11.00pb13.

It was not my intention to use right now X-Plane 11 since I’m busy with writing review part II of the SSG Embraer E-Jet Evolution E-170, but though, let’s also try it with X-Plane 11. SSG made a separate package for use with X-Plane 11 and in the review this should be included although it’s more finding out how the aircraft behaves since system programming should be the same.

So, another surprise to update first. Not seen it at one of the X-Plane forums, so I guess it’s uploaded by Ben last night (at least, for me UTC +1.00). So all simmers, tiem to update your X-Plane 11.00 to pb13.