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We’re pleased to inform you that there is a new version of OpenSceneryX out, v4.2.0.

New scenery objects in this version with a mobile boarding bridge suitable for regional commuter aircraft, a new set of five seasonal volumetric grass forests, in a variety of heights and colours, two new forests of volumetric flowers.

Further on modified scenery objects in this version like incorporated updates from FlyAgi’s vegetation library – forests and objects no longer cast shadows because they look ugly on vegetation and also cause a hit on framerate, the deep winter texture variant for FlyAgi’s vegetation has been replaced with a new one with less of a blue hue, which fits better with e.g. xflyer’s Winter Mod, and the previous ‘bluer’ deep winter texture is now used when TerraMaxx is selected as the season mechanism, as the colour works well with TerraMaxx’s textures.

Other changes:

  • Major new feature: Core X-Plane® forest overrides. OpenSceneryX now has the ability to replace all core X-Plane® autogen forests with FlyAgi’s high definition versions, this is optional and can be chosen on install. This feature does most of what FlyAgi’s Vegetation Global Trees package does, except it does not replace any core X-Plane® textures in the ‘Resources’ folder
  • The website now provides more information about facades in the library.
  • Fixed ‘Missing object’ errors for the 15 items excluded from RE Library.

Also, to accompany the new library version, there is a new installer too, which has the following changes:

  1. The library now includes the ability to override core X-Plane® forests with HD forests from OpenSceneryX. The installer now gives the user the choice of whether this should happen.
  2. Fixed “The parameter is incorrect” error which was thrown when running the installer in Hebrew.
  3. The installer now remembers your preferences even if you switch language.
  4. The installer now has an Italian translation, thank you to Matteo Lorenzini.
  5. The Russian translation has been updated, thank you to Murat Vishnyakov.
  6. The Dutch translation has been updated, thank you to Gerrit-Jan Rebel.
  7. The French translation has been updated, thank you to Olivier Faivre.

Grab the new installer from