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We’re pleased to share with you the following incoming news from Aussi, developer of OpenSceneryX. For those who aren’t aware of OpenSceneryX or just new to X-Plane, OpenSceneryX is a collection of objects which is mostly used for freeware airports. Although freeware airports also need other libraries, OpenSceneryX is perhaps the most important of them. And yes, there are exceptions like the US Virginia airports from Marc Leydecker aka Belga 12345 who models his own airports without the use of any other library.

Hi all, there is a new release of OpenSceneryX out. The installer application has not changed, so if you still have the installer on your machine, just re-run it and it will update the library to the latest. If you have deleted the installer, grab a copy from the OpenSceneryX website.

Here are the changes from version 4.4.0 28th March 2020

New scenery objects in this version:
Incorporated some new items from the SAM Seasons SDK Library by the SAM team into OpenSceneryX, which includes:

  • Spring seasonal variants for all FlyAgi’s vegetation.
  • A set of dirt and grass ground polygons.
  • A set of snowy lines and polygons.
  • A collection of snow pile objects (which only appear in snowy conditions).
  • OpenSceneryX’s first decal! The decal is a snowy overlay to add detail to textures in snowy winter conditions.
    Note that the SAM Seasons SDK library is not fully incorporated, because it contains a lot of content that is not relevant to OpenSceneryX such as the colour variations that are specific to SAM.

Modified scenery objects in this version:
Updated to latest release of the SAM Seasons SDK Library, including:

  • Updated summer, autumn, winter and winter (snow) textures.
  • Improvements to some forests.

First phase of work to ensure all textures have DDS versions:

  • All facades done.
  • All lines done.
  • All polygons done.

Moved CT-114 to subfolder to avoid problems with documentation category.
All forests of boats are now only drawn on water surfaces.

Other changes:

  • Added support in the Library for season switching using the xEnviro Plugin.
  • The website has been updated to include decals.
  • For deep snowy winter season, we now fall back to standard snowy winter season variants to provide snow when deep snow variants are not available.
  • For Terramaxx deep snowy winter season, we now fall back to deep snowy winter and standard snowy winter season variants to provide snow when Terramaxx-specific deep snow variants are not available.
  • Updated the Backup Library to v2.7.0