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Great news from Orbx. Orbx welcomes Axonos to OrbxDirect with their new release KMEM Memphis International Airport for X-Plane 11.

Memphis International Airport has been developed to the highest standard and with no detail spared, featuring crisp color-balanced custom aerial imagery, custom underground highways as well as various other techniques that bring Memphis International airport alive. An airport developed to the highest standards, Memphis International Airport combines the latest X-Plane 11 technologies while balancing visual eye candy and excellent performance, perfect for your next cargo flight!

In case you’ve never heard of Axonos. Axonos was founded in 2019 by CEO Shawn Cheah, with a clear and optimistic vision for the future of high quality flight simulation addons and simulation games. Today they have a team of over 25 developers making that vision a reality. The use of exclusive technology and development techniques allows them to push the boundaries of simulation.