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Once and a while interesting freeware and/or donate postings pop up. This time I found an interesting post that deals with everything that has to do with ortho-scenery packages for Brazil. So, you like to fly around Brazil and like to visit some of the airports and famous cities?

If the answer is YES, then continue reading this post.

On behalf of X-Plane.Org user DeshMindER, I’m pleased to promote his great Brazil work. According to DeshMindER; This package contains orhophoto scenery for 99.9 percent of the Brazilian territory. Files are ready to use which is very important although you need to keep in mind that downloads are sometimes quite big! It’s composed of 800 tiles that I’ve divided in 3 categories:

  • Green – Zoom 14 tile for flyover areas
  • Orange – Zoom 16 tile for approach/departure routes
  • Purple – Zoom 16 tile combined with Zoom 19 airport surrounding area

Ok, here are some download links:
Google Maps interactive download map
– Original X-Plane.Org web page
– OrthoBrazil Overlay file

And now …. how to install?
– Download the Overlay Zip File and Extract it’s contents into X-Plane’s Custom Scenery Folder.
– Download the Tiles Zip Files that you want and extract it’s contents into X-Plane’s Custom Scenery Folder. (The files are located on the Google Maps link).

At the end, your scenery_pack.ini file should have something like this (in this order). Make sure you edit your scenery_packs.ini and place the Overlay on top of all the OrthoPhoto scenery:

C:\X-Plane11\Custom Scenery\yOrtho4XP_Overlays (For the Overlays)
C:\X-Plane11\Custom Scenery\zOrtho4XP_-24-047 (São Paulo Example)

Known issues:
If you use a custom mesh from a scenery, it will automatically deactivate my OrthoPhoto scenery on that specific tile.
Some areas probably have weird green rectangles. This is because of the source. Please report it and I will fix it.
Runaway slopes will be disabled for Orthophoto Scenery. Except SBSP, SBGR, SBGL and SBRJ.

Note” Video is being caption in English as well – WIP (Work In Progress)