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Black Friday left Behind, but ……

Ok, Black Friday is gone, but the moment you receive this e-Newsletter, it’s still Cyber Monday and that means, interesting offers can be found. Ok, if those offers are all that interesting as they say .. that’s not always easy to figure out. Some are well priced, some offer just 20% lower then normal which isn’t worth the look.

I finally upgraded my old, but stable High Sierra macOS with the latest version of macOS 10.14.1. On purpose I waited this time that at least a first update was released. In the past I’ve seen many times that Apple updated their macOS and failures popped up with Apple Mail, wifi and so on. No idea why this always happens with every new release. Anyway, it’s up and running and it seems faster to me, and it offers an even better integration with iOS.

But let’s talk about X-Plane.
There’s already for a while the beta version 11.30, but not yet the official released unless at the moment of this typing, it’s just released, but I don’t think so. When I don’t forget it, I’ll inform you in advance of the official release of X-Plane 11.30r1.

And what other news do we have?
Oh, there’s a lot to read in this review. I had in mind to release this e-Newsletter before Black Friday, but most likely you get during those days already so many emails with offers in your mailbox, that our e-Newsletter with no longer be visible. Hopefully that’s now w bit better. And, what does this e-Newsletter offer? Check it out right below and enjoy!

And, as I already highlighted in my previous e-Newsletter …. when you think you miss something that is worthy for X-Plained to have or to host, or you would love to see a review of a specific product, please feel free to contact us via

Important note:
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