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We from X-Plained.Com are pleased to share with you the following news from Carenado in respect to free updated aircraft for X-Plane 11.

According to Carenado “As we promised, all the X-Plane aircraft released in the past 6 months will be freely updated to X-Plane 11, ensuring the investments done by our customers since the new X-Plane 11 was announced.

The package includes two aircraft files: one updated file for X-Plane 10.5x, and one completely re-authored file for X-plane 11, which is calibrated to X-plane 11’s new flight dynamics engine, PBR materials, and other XP11-native features.

  • Added full support for X-Plane11 (new .acf file for XP11)
  • Implemented PBR (Physically based rendering), both interior and exterior
  • Replaced “SuperManipulator” (proprietary scroll wheel) with X-plane -native scroll wheel control.
  • Re-did entire flight dynamics for XP 11 version of the aircraft
  • Calibrated fuel consumption
  • Calibrated ground handling
  • Calibrated interior HDR lights.
  • Tweaked flaps and elevators
  • Nav To/From indicator fixed

Customers should download the package again from the link provided.”