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Aircraft Review |Digital Replica C310L

Something new, something refreshing, something to think about or something … ah, whatever! That said, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen decided on special request to check out the Digital Replica Cessna C310L. Wrapping it all together, this Digital Replica C310L is a great choice to try out this aircraft. Do you want to know all – ok, nearly all – about it? Then you should read, but keep in mind that it’s a very long review, this comprehensive Digital Replica C310L review.

Airport Review | ShortFinal Design EDDM

It’s Winter time. October Fest is gone with the wind, but your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has some time left to visit the Bavarian landscape and then in particular the ShortFinal Design EDDM airport. EDDM is an important international hub for many airliners, in particular for Lufthansa. Besides that, EDDM is also an important maintenance base for Lufthansa Techniek. Curious what Angelique has to say about it? Then I invite you to read her comprehensive SFD EDDM review.

Utility Review | FlyAGI Tweak Utility

Once an a while there’s something that triggers Angelique’s attention. This time she was seeking for a lua utility that could do a bit more then she normally sees. Together with the recent update of X-Plane to version 11.30r3, she ran into trouble with her clouds, but she found, not only for clouds, a interesting freeware utility; FlyAGI Tweak Utility. Want to read her FlyAGI Tweak Utility look and feel review? Then you must check out this in-depth review link.

Aircraft Review | Airfoillabs King Air 350

Airfoillabs had set new standards with their Cessna 172SP, but the King Air 350 goes even further. We from X-Plained are therefore pleased that our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke had a thorough look into the Airfoillabs A350. One of the conclusions from Andy is “This is a very detailed model and can appear quite daunting given the number and complexity of the systems that are modelled. I was very impressed by the detail of the aircraft and it’s sound package.” You can read this and much more in Andy’s comprehensive Airfoillabs King Air 350 review.

Aircraft Review | Carenado C172S G1000

Our dedicated GA pilot Bruce Knight did some extensive tests for you with the Carenado Cessna 172S with G1000. Oh oh, that has been wild rides, but the outcome is a comprehensive review. Bruce thinks that “For those wanting a more complex flight route the G1000 offers more sophistication than the avionics in some airliners flying the skies today, especially non-glass and semi/early glass flight decks).” But there’s so much more to read about this Carenado GA model. Curious what Bruce has to say more? You can read the whole story via his in-depth review. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Carenado Cessna S550

While our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke tries to relax, he’s also curious how the Carenado Cessna Citation S550 is modeled or how it flies or how … too many questions and thoughts.According to Andy “This model is highly detailed both inside and out and comes with a very good sounds package. The developers have worked to make as many systems usable and this creates a busy and interesting cockpit environment. The aircraft surprised me with is level of sophistication for relatively small, and not so young aircraft.” You can read it all via this in-depth Cessna Citation S550 review link. Enjoy the reading!

Airport Review | X-Codr KDEN

For our reviewer Bruce Knight, KDEN or Denver International Airport it is just around the corner of his house. That said, it’s for Bruce a challenge to find out all the ins and outs of this well-modeled X-Codr Designs KDEN. You can read Bruce his X-Codr KDEN finding via this in-depth review link. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Saab 340 by Carenado

Although our dedicated and real PPL pilot Bruce Knight may life in the USA, his roots go back to NZ or New Zealand. That said, Bruce is pleased to offer you a in-depth review of the Carenado Saab 340. But Bruce thinks that “there’s so much more to tell you all the ins and outs about this well-modeled and comprehensive with lots of details Saab 340 aircraft.” Want to read it all? Want to read Bruce comprehensive review? I’m quite sure you want and therefore, X-Plained is pleased to offer you his well written and in-depth Saab 340 review.

Aircraft Review | Just Flight Duchess 76

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is just back from her Dutch flying trips to test something special, to test also her twin engine skills, to test the latest model from Just Flight / Thranda Design as per April 2019, the Beechcraft Duchess 76. Ready for a comprehensive Dutch Duchess review? No worries, everything is in English! You can check out Angelique’s in-depth review at X-Plained.Com.

Airport Review | Sedona UHD

From his home town, Bruce Knight, our dedicated reviewer, visited the incredible Sedona area and of course the local airport, all modeled by X-Codr. According to Bruce “I can’t imagine what approaching this airport to land is like- the effects of up and down drafts, the relatively short runway with its elevation, and the slope of the runway- and what it must be like to try and ignore all this amazing geology while focusing (or trying to) on landing your aircraft.’ Want to read Bruce his comprehensive review? Then check it out at X-Plained.Com via this in-depth link.

Aircraft Review | X-Aerodynamics Falcon

Curious what review X-Plained.Com brings you this time? This time your reviewers Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen checked, tested and flew the JCS / X-Aerodynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. Want to read there comprehensive review? Check it out via this F-16 Fighting Falcon link.

Airport Review | Aerosoft London Heathrow

This time your personal reporter Angelique van Campen stays close to home. Ok, she need to take the aircraft to pass the Channel to reach out London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL), modeled on behalf of Aerosoft. Although this is an updated X-Plane 10 airport, what has Angelique to say about it? It has become a massive review. A bit longer than expected, but that’s also due to the design of the airport itself and if she wanted it or not, Angelique had to travel a lot to visit every corner of EGLL. Curious what Angelique has to say? Check out her in-depth review at X-Plained.Com.

Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1907

Another Navigraph AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) period starting on June 20th, 2019. Let’s give some background information about the AIRAC Cycle.The AIRAC cycle was adopted in 1964 and further improved over the years. Key are the worldwide...

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Holiday … but where?

Finally, time has come to say goodbye. No no! No need to worry or to think that it’s over with X-Plained.Com.It’s time for my holiday. Time to relax, time to hit the sun, time to enjoy the "which" life. After months of stress at home, several difficulties, website...

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TruScenery EFRY Räyskälä Released

We would like to share with you the following TruScenery news.According to Olli Laine from TruScenery "We've released a brand new X-Plane 11 airport scenery namely EFRY Räyskälä version 1.0. Räyskälä Airfield is an airfield in Räyskälä, Loppi, Finland, about 23...

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SAM Update Version 1.1.0

No no, don't worry. It's not Uncle Sam that has been updated, but Marten his Scenery Animation Manager that has been updated to version 1.1.0.We’re more than pleased to inform you that with the approval of Marten or also known as X-Plane.Org user marten@stairport, we...

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Aircraft Review | Just Flight Duchess 76

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is just back from her Dutch flying trips to test something special, to test also her twin engine skills, to test the latest model from Just Flight / Thranda Design as per April 2019, the Beechcraft Duchess 76.According to...

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Aircraft Review | X-Aerodynamics F-16

Curious what review X-Plained.Com brings you this time? This time your reviewers Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen checked, tested and flew the JCS / X-Aerodynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 was originally made by General Dynamics, but ok, that's...

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Aircraft Review | Carenado G1000 C172S

Our dedicated GA pilot Bruce Knight did some extensive tests for you with the Carenado Cessna 172S with G1000. Oh oh, that has been wild rides, but the outcome is a comprehensive review.Bruce thinks that "This Carenado model performs close to my actual experience in...

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Aircraft Review | vFlyteAir Cherokee

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen had a close look into the completely renewed vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Original for X-Plane 11.30+ and she can tell you, it was worth the look, feel and flights.According to Angelique "The Cherokee 140 comes with a VFR and IFR...

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Airport Review | DD/JustSim Tenerife Sur

When we say Canary Islands, we say nice temperatures, nice landscape, great food, but also a well modeled Tenerife Sur Airport by Digital Design and JustSim. Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen took the plane and visited the airport as well as the surrounding...

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Airport Review | JustSim EBBR

Traveling to Brussels or to be exactly to Zaventem, is for Angelique, your personal reporter, only a couple of hours by car. She did this to visit JustSim Brussels International Airport (EBBR) for X-Plane.It was great to see how it is made, how realistic is looks and...

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VirtualDesign3D Alicante International

Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, flies for you to of LEAL Alicante International Airport, modeled by VirtualDesign3D. And guess what, it's gorgeous, it's as real as it gets! According to Andy "This scenery package is detailed and of high quality throughout. There...

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Grand Arctic Scenery Review

Ever wanted to see and to know everything about the Grand Arctic Scenery v3 from HSimulators, written by our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke? Now you can ....! Andy visited this virtual region and oh oh, he has so much to say about it. According to Andy "When I stared...

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FS Instant Approach 2019 Review

This time your personal reporter, Angelique van Campen, has chosen for a different kind of review. On special request, and curious what to expect, Angelique digs into the FSInventions FS Instant Approach 2019 for Mac. According to Angelique "I can tell you that it...

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Review “Saitek X52 Pro”

The Saitek X52 Pro or should we say Logitech X52 Pro .... no, let's keep it for the moment with Saitek. Saitek was never good in supporting X-Plane, but that's changed already a while ago although Mac is officially not supported with drivers and/or software. Neither...

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xEnviro, the Impression

I never thought I will make it, a comprehensive review/impression of xEnviro, the Ultimate Environment Engine. This was really a complex review/impression because it’s not always something that can be compared or can be seen. I don’t matter that I highlighted some...

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Carenado PA31 / DO228 Adventures

Today is such a day that you can’t go out, so time to find something else to do. I had a long list of things I needed to do for X-Plained.Com. One of these “things“ to do is replacing the 2nd fullwidth slider on the front page with new aircraft screenshots. But...

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Milviz T310R for X-Plane 11 … finally!

MilViz (Military Visualizations) is pleased to bring the T310R to X-Plane11. MilViz is a known high quality developer on the FSX and P3D market and now they finally made the step into the X-Plane world. According to MilViz; "We've focused all of our energy and talent...

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ToLiss A319 Factory Primer Surprise

We're at X-Plained.Com are leased to inform you about the following news ..... What kind of "title" is that ... factory primers from ToLiss A319? Let me try to explain .... Airbus aircraft are, just as any other aircraft, painted with a primer to protect the Aluminum...

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The Ultimate JF Cessna C152

Let me see, is this the ultimate Cessna C152 for X-Plane 11 or are there others on thew market? Carenado has a C152 for X-Plane 10 which is not updated and my feeling says, it will not be updated soon. That's a shame, and therefore Just Flight, in partnership with...

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Forkboy2 U.S. Ortho Photo Grand Canyon

This is just a small screenshot impression of Forkboy2 ortho photo Grand Canyon HD. There’s of course much more to see, and a lot to download and a lot of time needed to convert the JPG files into DDS files.Long story short; it was worth the time and waiting as you...

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JustSim EBBR Impression

While busy writing for you a comprehensive review of the JustSim EBBR Brussels International Airport, I found it a good idea to make some exclusive screenshots. These screenshots should give you a good impression of how the airport looks like and how it works with...

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Exclusive Magic_Carpet LFDL/LFCA Impressions

Attention ... attention ... exclusive LFCA and LFDL screenshots! Recently we've announced the following; X-Plained.Com is pleased to inform you, with the approval of X-Plane.Org user Magic_Carpet (Thibaut Roy), that we will host and promote his exclusive and high...

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Belga tutorial … Saitek FIP Interface

Not on approach, not on final, it has landed ... Belga12345 "Saitek FIP" tutorial. Recently we published an article about Saitek FIP. For those who aren’t familiar with Saitek FIP; a FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) is a colorful 3.5-inch LCD screen that seamlessly...

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Mountains by Marc Leydecker

What the heck is this for tutorial .. creating sand/construction mountains on airports, of course, if applicable for you. Even when you know how to do it, perhaps this tutorial will offer you an easier way to create them. Whatever is applicable to you, we're pleased...

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A typical Grumman Traveler IFR Flight

Although the vFlyteAir Grumman American Traveler can be flown easy under VFR conditions, flying IFR with the AP gives you a lot more time to look outside, making longer flights and try to keep it a little more relaxing. On today’s flight I depart from KBFI (Boeing...

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SimHeaven “the Netherlands”

Not long ago I started a positing with “For those who like to fly about the Netherlands, Europe, there’s currently, using X-Plane’s default ground textures, not much fun with. While living in the middle of the province Flevoland, the default ground textures are far...

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