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We’re pleased to share with you the following news from Pilot Plus developer Joe Charman.

According to Joe “Landings have just got even more attractive at Bristol. We’re happy to release version 1.2 of Bristol Definitive!” You wasn’t aware of the quality offered by Pilot Plus and their Bristol Definitive? Then you must check out our in-depth review of this airport. Curious? Then you should follow this comprehensive review link.

One of the reviewers who wrote about Bristol was Andy Clarke and according to Andy “There is considerable attention to detail throughout the scenery and whilst it should be remembered this is flight simulator scenery there is something to view at ground level when taxiing an aircraft or generally moving around the airport.”

Anyway, the updated Bristol version 1.2 includes:

  • Ultra-realistic terminal textures
  • New gates behind the old terminal (19 and 20)
  • New airport ground vehicles
  • Enhanced fuel pump area
  • New gate clutter and signage
  • Optional Custom Mesh
  • Optional Sloped Runway

More information can be found at the dedicated Pilot Plus store page.