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We’re pleased to offer you Roymar‘s Acrobat tutorial on How to populate airports correctly in X-Plane.

According to Roymar “Flight simulation has come a long way from when I started “flying” in 1986, when we were fascinated with the crude black and white line sketches for runways and scenery!

The detailed scenery, particularly airports, we “fly” on our home computers today creates an immersion factor that rivals and in many ways exceeds that provided on commercial flight simulators costing millions of dollars!

However , as many of us know, flying into a deserted airport (i.e. no aircraft to be seen anywhere) destroys some of this illusion, and accordingly many authors of otherwise superb X-Plane scenery renderings go to the most common library available, “OpenSceneryX’, and randomly select planes.

It takes many hours, sometimes days and months, to create the marvelous scenery, yet the extra time it would take to correctly determine how to populate the airport is less than the time taken to read this tutorial.”

Curious what this tutorial offers more and what it can do for you? Then you must check out our dedicated download page. Remember, for registered members only, but registration is free.