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PPLibrary 1.2.1

Update: as per October 2017 PPLibrary to version 1.2.1

We’re at are pleased to host By hdw aka Dieter his “PPlibrary” version 1.0.1. It’s another chance to offer something to the airport developers, just in case they decide to add this library in their airport(s). Besides that this is a relatively new library, it offers a lot of high quality ground signs found at every airport.

According to Dieter “I created a collection of common pavement paintings as (draped) polygons. I call it PPlibrary. I know there are already paintings within OpenscenryX. Here you have especially preconfigured runway markings, i.e. you don’t need to puzzle your runway numbers together.”

He continues “Runway directions are with and without leading ‘0’s (e.g. 09L-27R vs. 9L-27R, the latter with leading ‘x’ in their name). You also have the choice between clean and dirty paintings (among others).”

The library is free to use for your sceneries, but not for commercial purposes. And most important, Dieter hopes you like it.

Changelog version 1.2.1:
– Added new objects and fixed some bugs”

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