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Not sure if you have noticed it, but we have big problems with X-Plained.Com. Either the font tile or fonts of posts is way too big or you can’t logon which is even a bigger problem. Perhaps I type this post for nothing because I’ve decided to restore an older backup from my hosting company. Why this give so many problems this time, no idea.

We’re working on it but what I mentioned before, I’m not a programmer, nor enough knowledge of CSS and not enough about how to handle all these plugins, themes and finally, where to look into. At the moment we’ve contacted Elegant Themes but I doubt if they can help finding the problem. In the worse case we need to close X-Plained.Com and start all over again.

Do we have a virus, do we have malware or whatever causes all these problems … I have no idea and thus not the answer to it.

We do our best and sorry for all the trouble.