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On behalf of JARDesign Evgeny Romanov, I would like to share with you the following interesting information …

According to Evgeny; as you know may be, we are working hard on our new project, the JD340. One important part of aircraft procedures in general is Checklists / Announces. This already worked in some way with our JD320/330, but I was not 100 percent happy with that feature. That said, for the upcoming JD340 we would prepare a more interesting feature … it will be an animated copilot, as I dreamed of. We just build this plugin and include it as free update with the beta version of our JD330. We absolutely need to test it with a “live” aircraft to understand if it is good working in a way we want it. If it will be ok, we will include it in our JD340.

This is next public version of a330 for X-Plane 11. Please take part in this beta-tests if you really want be beta-tester. If you want fly-ready product – please just wait. Main improvement – new Checklist/Events/SOP/, based on instant CoPilot plugin

beta 1 features:
+ animated 3d CoPilot model
+ can recognize and execute command
+ can speak
+ can read checklists
+ can operate with Events (flight parameters detection)
+ can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)
+ man and woman copilot model (woman only included this time)
+ scripts based (possible to edit/change Procedures/Text/etc)
+ some aircrafts bugs fixed
– some procedures was not tested well (will fix with next beta)

beta 2:
+ some procedures improved
+ public beta published

Additional req:
You should have:
– microphone or
– headset (preferable)

More information and beta download details can be found at the dedicated JARDesign forum page.