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sergej_pumper_remodled_777_cockpitFound at the website and uploaded by Sergej (Pumper), his realistic FlightFactor Boeing 777 cockpitversion 1.0.

According to Sergej “This cockpit is available for the Flight Factor 777 Worldliner Professional and the Flight Factor 777 Extended Pack – tested with version 1.7.1. This brand new cockpit for the Boeing 777 was an 18 months job from scratch to version 1.0. The cockpit is not only a repaint but a brand new cockpit with new 3D objects, new textures, new illumination effects, improved displays and tons of new tiny details.” You should check out these comparison screenshots!

The list of features is endless, but let me highlight a couple of features:
– total rebuild of all objects and parts of the cockpit – no more holes and gaps in the cockpit
– error of disappearing flight instruments when moving close to the cockpit’s rear wall
– window wipers no longer glow in the dark
– heating wires and real world decals added to cockpit windows, brightness can be changed by alternate effect files
– dash board on front panel completely modelled
– standby compass deviation list added to front window area

– improved standby compass added
– overhead panel now showing real world switches, circuit breakers and background illumination
– new dome and spot lights, pedestal illumination implemented
– floor lights implemented
– almost all buttons, switches and levers animated
– and much more ….

Sergej continues “Please unzip the download file and read the manual carefully! The manual will provide all installation instructions. At first sight it looks a little bit like rocket science – I promise: It isn’t!” Check kit out at the dedicated Org web page.