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Is this the Ultimate Cessna C152

Oops, the tile …. I can only say that … during my quick ground- and flight impression it’s yet too early to say .. yes, this is the ultimate Cessna C152, but you could also ask why I’m so enthusiastic?

That’s quickly answered …. it was my PPL aircraft during my PPL flight hours from KEVB, Florida. But what I see with this Just Flight aircraft, it’s an awesome looking realistic weathered aircraft. Weathered, and not a bit by the way, especially externally. Weathered in a way I recognise this from my C152 aircraft. I’ve never seen during my flight training C152 that where shiny, brand new or just painted to give them that glossy new look. No, all of the C152 I’ve seen where old, had scratches, where dirty, paint was far from new and so on.

This is what this modeled X-Plane 11 model has too!

And that’s not only applicable for the outside. The inside looks weathered or heavily used too. The panel looks great, no, very realistic and comes with a lot of used/weathered textures. Again, I’ve never seen a brand new instrument panel with, even for the US, a Garmin GNS 430/530 being installed, but this aircraft has the option, not standard installed in the instrument panel, to get a floating Garmin GNS 430. Nice for those who would like to have this Garmin equipment at hand.

This is not a review, that comes later, for sure. This is just a quick impression what I’ve seen and it promises a lot! I would say, enjoy the ground parked screenshots and the many screenshots I made during a test flight.


  1. HansNZ

    Is this for real, YES as an Engineer Ages ago in the Netherlands at EHTE after my Airforce I did my flight training in this type. they flew from grass runways and parked outside just like these pictures above. To get reduced flying cost I offered to clean these aircraft by not only a quick wash but got from our petrol station some cheap car polish and applied about two cans per aircraft to make them looking near. My PC is not a high end machine as the scenery I see here is far better than mine….but the X-plane flying is far better that FSX.

    Good work to make these aircraft looking real

    • Angelique van Campen

      Hi Hans,

      You can buy it via Just Flight or X-Plane.Org, but no idea when Org does offer it too. I haven’t done a lot of testing, but I know who created it and that’s good news. Review follows ASAP.

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