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vFlyteAir-Cherokee-140-OriginalOk, this link to a screenshot impression won’t be a replacement of what’s coming after me vacation and that is a comprehensive review which will be based on real PPL flying experience near KEVB (New Smyrna Beach) although that was with a Cessna 152 and Cessna 172, but still, both are excellent PPL learning aircraft models.

Anyway, I had some time left on the camping, it was raining and I thought, let me have a closer look into the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Original model. And yes, this screenshot link show you the external model only, but it gives me a good idea how the overall aircraft is made. Others, whoever these persons are, will say “but this is a simple aircraft to model with an old-fashioned cockpit and nothing special”. I absolutely don’t agree with such straightforward replies. Of course, a GA aircraft fitted with modern instruments is nice too, but the old-fashioned indicators from the Cherokee 140 Original are also a pleasure to look at and not necessarily of a lower quality. I can tell you go what I’ve seen; they look as real as it gets and then I mean REAL! It’s more a matter what you like or dislike. I’ve been always a favourite of “steam driven” indicators as I called these type of instruments while working in the aviation like in this Cherokee 140 and as can be seen with other GA developers or even the PMDG Douglas DC-6.

I would say for now … enjoy this screenshot link, but in particular the close-up shots.