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Quick vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Look

Ok, this screenshot impression won’t be a replacement of what’s coming after me vacation and that is a comprehensive review, based on real PPL flying experience although that was with a Cessna 152 and Cessna 172, but sill, both are excellent PPL learning aircraft.

Anyway, I had some time left on the camping, it was raining and I thought, let me have a closer look into the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Original model. And yes, these screenshots show you the external model only, but it gives me a good idea how the overall aircraft is made. It seems that with the release of every new vFlyteAir aircraft, the quality goes further up. Other simmers will probably say “but this is a simple aircraft to model with an old-fashioned cockpit”. I don’t agree with such a straightforward reply. Of course, a GA aircraft fitted with modern instruments is nice too, but the old-fashioned indicators from the Cherokee 140 Original are also a pleasure to look at and not necessarily of a lower quality. It’s more a matter what you like or dislike. I’ve always been a favourite of “steam driven” indicators like in this Cherokee 140 and as can be seen with other GA developers or even the PMDG Douglas DC-6.

I would say for now … enjoy these external Cherokee 140 Original screenshots, but in particular the close-up shots.


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