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marc_leydecker_ap_trim_indicator_panelMarc Leydecker, well known of his awesome US airports, needs an extraordinary break. Oops, what does this mean? No, he’s not going on a holiday. Instead, he’s trying to link real aviation hardware to X-Plane. You can buy tons of dedicated hardware suitable to work with FSX, P3D and X-Plane, but isn’t it more fun when you do it yourself?

Today the second tutorial from Marc “how to connect an Auto Pilot trim indicator panel to X-Plane“. According to Marc “My Trim indicator panel was installed in a SAS DC8 in 1963. Then it was sold to AeroPeru in 1991 and sold again to AeroMexico on 1993. Finally, the airplane was scrapped this year.”

“The attached code is to interface with X-Plane, but again the principal is the same to interface with Microsoft Flight Simulators, for those who are familiar with that. It was kinda sorta, a challenge as we needed to generate negative voltages. Arduino printed circuit boards or micro controllers can not generate negative voltages as they are powered by USB (+5V). So we had to come up with an unorthodox way to make it work. The tutorial also covers PWM signals.”

You want to know all about it? Then you should download Marc’s AP trim indicator panel tutorial via this link.