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Registration is temporarily unavailable. This is not because we like it and it feels not good , but the website needs several checks to keep on running.

And therefore we say …. we’re very sorry and apologise for any inconvenience!

Normally we can handle most X-Plained.Com WordPress related issues while handling at the same time new account requests, but we’re not professional WordPress developers, so we need to focus on one thing at the time. That said, there are a couple of things related to the X-Plained.Com dashboard (backend website maintenance) what we need to solved first! This will take our full attention and therefore, to keep focused on this, we regret that we had to take this decision to disable new registrations, but this will be for a short time.

You can still use the contact form for any other questions, thoughts or suggestions, but not for requesting a new account. New account requests are, keep that in mind, not answered.

Thank you for your understanding. The X-Plained team.