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Hey all,

This form can also be used to become a registered X-Plained.Com simmer. Please note the following regarding downloading files, liveries and others: For downloading files/packages from X-Plained.Com, you need to login thus you need to be a registered X-Plained simmer. And yes, we know, it’s a manual registration request!

What when you’re not yet a registered X-Plained simmer?
Then it’s time to request a manual registration, but remember, it is important for us – this to filter out fake requests and bots that when you apply for an X-Plained.Com account, you do that in English with a thorough description why you want to apply and what your intentions you have. Failure to do so results in no subscription/no reply.

You can use the form below to request a manual registration.
We’re aware that this isn’t the most friendly way, but we’ve learned our lessons due to bot and fake requests. Apologies for this approach!

Note: Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours before we reply due to working hours and time difference!

On behalf of all our X-Plained.Com staff members,
Angelique van Campen