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NAPS-LogoWe’re pleased to offer you a preview of the upcoming NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries) KSRQ Sarasota version 2.5 and MacDill version 1.3 airport scenery with surrounding area. And at the same time, we’re also pleased to offer you his updated airport package. Check out this link.

A note from Freddy De Pues “We (NAPS) are sad to announce that NAPS ORLANDO II, three months in the making (after 8 months in the making of Orlando 1.0), disappeared with the crash of an iMAC. Twenty KMCO buildings are included in the NAPS-library 2.4, that’s all that remains from version II. A previous version of Orlando is available at X-Plained. I might do Orlando again, but I need to recover from my lost.”

This movie is brought to you by Freddy De Pues.