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G1000-Carenado-AlabeoJust a reminder to all simmers who are flying the Carenado and/or Alabeo aircraft having the G1000 navigation equipment on-board.

The following aircraft have been updated to version 3.3 where most of the G1000 issues are improved and bugs fixed:
Carenado CT182T Skylane G1000
Carenado CT206H Stationair G1000 Extension Pack
Carenado SR22 GTSx
Carenado TBM850
Alabeo DA42 Twin Star X-Plane

Here is a list of improvements and bugs fixed in the G1000 aircraft:
– Almost instantaneous database load time (compared to 40-50 seconds before)
– Database is now handled in a separate binary plugin, separating it from other logic in the plane.
– Back-end is now more similar to how the default GNS430/530 handle the database.
– Compatible with Navigraph updates to the GNS430 Custom Data waypoint and navaid files.
– Numerous optimizations to minimize FPS hit during certain conditions
– Improved file compatibility with file plans generated in 3rd party apps
– Smoother/snappier navigation and data entry
– Increased stability and improved initialization logic (especially from cold and dark)
– Better handling of ambiguous locations for waypoints with duplicate names.
– Higher resolution moving map
– Numerous minor fixes (wind indicator, GS, engine indicators, visual glitches in applicable planes)
– Improved “Core” vs. “Custom” G1000 architecture, keeping all core functions of the G1000 more similar and unified.

It’s important to know that you need to download the aircraft again.