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Simliveries, powered by JARDesign.

But what does it mean, what do you get, how does it work and is it for free? Let me start with the last …. Is it free? Yes, all package offered by Simliveries are for free, made by enthusiastic simmers for You! And yes, we all know JARDesign, right?
JARDesign is a well-known X-Plane developers group that’s already for years responsible for the development and sales of the Airbus A320Neo, A330-243. But hold on, there’s more. JARDesign is also the developer of the famous GHD (Ground Handling deLuxe) package, consisting of sets and liveries, the spyware and freeware version of X-Life and some time back, FMCar (Follow Me).

Back to Simliveries.
Simliveries offers for you, as of this writing November 2017, the following packages:
– Airbus A320 Neo liveries
– Airbus A330 liveries
– GHD (Ground Handling deLuxe sets
– GHD (Ground Handling deLuxe liveries
– Paintkits
– X-Life/FM (Follow Me) Car airports

Further on, Simliveries offers instructions how to deal with the simulator, their forum, how to get their aeons and how to get Support for both users and authors. In other words, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to JARDesign products.

Want to see it all? Then you must visit Simliveries, Powered by JARDesign.