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X-Plained-Google-MapsWe’re pleased to offer you a new and interesting feature … X-Plained Google Maps.

The official name is Google “My Maps” and allow you to pinpoint any interesting landmark, object or whatever you’re using for it, to share with others. Since this is such an easy and handy Google Maps tool, we’ve decided to implemented this feature for all our freeware airports. It’s easy to use, give you immediately an overview of what X-Plained for airports offer, and to make it even more user friendly, the particular airport you’ve chosen is directly linked to our Downloads section. You can find this new feature under menu Downloads – X-Plained Maps.

Check it out and see it for yourself how easy it is to use. But above all, you’ll noticed yourself how quickly you’ve found your favourite airport from Marc, Freddy, Camilli or MisterX6. And you know, when you have suggestions and/or comments, feel free to let us know.

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