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RescueX Library

We’re pleased to inform you that , in consult and with the approval of “papasierra” , X-Plained.Com is allowed to publish/host his RescueX Library – the new scenery package for helo pilots.

According to papasierra “This was lacking in X-Plane! A kit development kit for mission sceneries. With RescueX you can build your own emergency missions. Especially for helicopter pilots. RescueX provides emergency vehicles of police, fire and rescue service. Moreovere there are other things you need to build realistic missions.”

“Secondly RescueX is package with complete helicopter sceneries. The library contains heliports and hospitals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Initially there are:
– Hospital “Klinikum Saarbrücken” with the homebase of EMS helicopter Christoph 16,
– the homebase of Christoph 43 at Karlsruhe,
– the university hospital Homburg (all Germany),
– the homebase of RK-1 at Fresach (Austria) and
– heliport Zermatt (Switzerland).

More sceneries will follow. Uniklinikum Freiburg is in progress.”

The package comes with a comfortable installer. So it is easy to install and also easy to get updates. We are sorry that our download page and documentation is currently only available in german language.

Hence here the essentials you have to know:
Download the installer for your OS and run it. (Linux users need Qt 4. If the installer fails to run, please make Idd setup.)
The installer asks for your X-Plane-Installation (X-Plane’s root, not the Custom Scenery folder or something else). Then it will download the package and install it.

Install also OpenScerneryX and R2 Library (third party libs).They are needed!

What will the installer do?
It copies the contents of RescueX to two new folders (RescueX_Library and RescueX_Terrain) in your Custom Scenery folder. Then it registers this Folders in the scenery_packs.ini file and will set a useful priority. It does not change anything else in this file! Next the installer appends some entries to the light.txt file in X-Plane’s resources folder. (At Linux it currently replaces the whole file instead of appending lines. So Linux users should assure to have a copy of the original file in case of already made own changes.) Known problem at OSX: there is a bug in copying the setup folder. This does not affect the Library itsself. Its only a loss in convenience if you want to update. So you have to use the already downloaded installer or make a new download. Normally you should find this programm in the setup folder of the package.

Be sure to have HDR engaged when flying at night!

More information can be found at his dedicated RotorSim website.

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
Keep in mind that your maximum download per day is set to 15 files or packages a day.


RescueX for Windows (3.1 MiB, 1152 downloads)

RescueX for Windows
RescueX for Mac (7.4 MiB, 92 downloads)

RescueX for Mac
RescueX for Linux (311.8 KiB, 23 downloads)

RescueX for Linux