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Attention .,.. attention to all.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it already or when you’re new to X-Plained, then you will see it yourself. I noticed this afternoon a dramatic increase in loading time of X-Plained. Not directly noticed by me on the website itself, but at the dashboard, thus behind where all the work is done. We do have a certain package with our hosting company which uses from a CPU one core and has a maximum memory limit of 1024MB. Sounds not much, but according to the hosting company it shouldn’t be a big problem with the current configuration.

X-Plained offers lots of articles, lots of download packages which are all ported to Dropbox and lots of screenshots and although those screenshots are all reduced in quality – not visible for the naked eye – it’s still a lot to load.

We discussed a couple of solutions with the hosting company, of which some are already implemented while others will most likely need a bit more time to figure out what the problem could be or we need to contact our Theme developer for some advice from them. To be continued!