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Andy Clark, one of our dedicated reviewers, dives into the “Carenado Shrike Aero Commander” world.

It will be a great and thorough ride, I can promise you. According to Andy “This detailed model creates a very realistic and immersive experience. The attention to detail in terms of the interior, exterior and instrumentation of the aircraft is very impressive. The amount of interaction with the model and its equipment allows this aircraft to be used from a basic flight simulation aircraft to fly within X-Plane up to a model representing all facets of flying.”

Andy continues with “The reflections, lighting and shadows on the aircraft add to the realism and the fight experience itself it thoroughly enjoyable. Carenado have cleverly produced a model that flies well, provides a challenge and captures the character of this older aircraft whist integrating the opportunity for the pilot to fully interact with all aspects of a flight.”

But Andy has so much more to tell. Enjoy Andy’s comprehensive review of the Carenado 500s Shrike Aero Commander.