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Still being in Hawaii, Angelique’s next airport stop is from the NAPS developers NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries) PHTO Hilo International Airport version 3.0.

The airport was originally made for X-Plane 10, and recently updated for X-Plane 11. That said, the screenshots in her review are all based on using X-Plane 11 and theres’ a special attention for those who still prefer X-Plane 10.51. Anyway, Angelique tries to find all the ins and outs of the modeled Hilo replica. Is she happy, is it worth the download?

Some words about X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.51. I’d mentioned this before that as the airport package is right now, you can only use it for X-Plane 11 and not with X-Plane 10.51 unless you’re happy with the ortho ground textures only. But there’s a work-around to solve this issue. No worries, I did check this with Freddy De Pues and got his approval to add the following procedure in this review. You can read all about it in the review.

You can read it all in her in-depth review.