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Worth the try, worth the download, the XPFR Robin DR400 140B.

Your personal GA investigator Angelique takes a close look at the, already for a while on the market, XPFR Robin DR400 140B. Originally, the aircraft was designed for X-Plane 9.70 (ohh, that’s a long time ago), but it still performs well with X-Plane 10.51. And because of that, Angelique decided to check this aircraft once more with X-Plane 10.

Angelique thinks that “Overall, this XPFR Robin DR400 140B is a nice GA (General Aviation) aircraft that should get a place in your hangar. I suggest you go directly for the model with the fully detailed and operational 3D cockpit, but if it turns out that your PC or MAC can’t handle the Robin with the 3D cockpit, than you go for the model with the 2D cockpit only. Have fun! I had a lot of fun with this French made model.”

That said, worth reading our in-depth review and worth the download. Enjoy!