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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen thinks that many flight simmers, including me, aren’t familiar with the old fashioned Stampe SV biplane aircraft. That said, time to highlight the XPFR Stampe et Vertongen SV-4.

Stampe et Vertongen was a Belgian aircraft manufacturer formed in 1922 and based at Antwerp, Belgium. The company specialised in design and construction of primary trainers/tourers and advanced trainers. One of the products, the Stampe SV.4, has become well known as just Stampe.

Ok, now we know that, how’s the model, how does it look like, how does it fly and so on. Some notes from the review “Anyway, the instruments are well modeled and sharp for a freeware add-on aircraft and that’s true not only from normal viewing locations, but also if you zoom in to the panel. I’ve got the idea that all, or at least most of the instruments, are made by the developer.” But there’s so much more to tell about this aircraft.

You can it all at our comprehensive Stampe review.