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We’re pleased to offer you some screenshots and background information of KHAF or better known as Half Moon Bay Airport (Eddie Andreini Field). The airport comes from Rising Dawn Studios, and is created by Peter Suranyi.

According to Peter “Half Moon Bay has a special significance to me, and I wanted to make this airport since a long time. The significance comes from the fact that this was the default start ing airport for the (in my opinion) most forward looking home flight simulator ever, Flight Unlimited II by the now defunct Looking Glass Studios.

The main highlights of the airport:

  • a customizable hangar for the users aircraft (see customization options later)
  • three-dimensional, animated trees, which sway according to the current wind speed at the ground
  • animated powerlines (see customization options later)
  • night mode on the terminal building – shutters at night, open/closed signs, depending on the time of day and an animated neon sign
  • ultra detailed pavement and runway markings
  • ultra realistic pavement reflections (X-plane 11 only)
  • baked in ambient-occlusion effects
  • realistic grass, with customizable density (see customization options later)
  • runway signs that light up the ground at night
  • street lighting that casts a more realistic level of light on the ground

Peter continues “This beautiful area is just 18 miles (30 km) from downtown San Francisco, and 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Silicon Valley. San Francisco International Airport with its large controlled airspace is just around the corner, 10 miles away. Following are some
interesting areas around the airport:

  • The industrial-commercial area of Princeton, with open-air car and boat dealerships
  • Pacifico Hotel and its surrounding sister-buildings
  • Pillar Point Harbor, with a plethora of ships and boats (some of them animated)
  • Pillar Ridge (a manufactured home community adjacent to the airport)
  • Point Pillar Air Force Station (a remote telemetry site of Vandenberg Air Force Base,
  • tasked to track and to monitor ballistic missiles – overflying is prohibited)

But there’s so much more to explore. More information and buying details can be found at the dedicated X-Plane.Org webpage.