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Highlight-product-Roger2009-DC-9-30-SeriesGood old workhorse, the Douglas DC-9-30 Series. Angelique van Campen explores Roger2009 his Dc-9-30 Series. Although I’ve written a while ago this product story, I found it worth to pinpoint it again on the highlight X-Plained list.

Ah! The good old days of the Douglas DC-9-30 Series. Oh, I’ve worked so many hours on this aircraft as a mechanic and later as a ground engineer. I’ve seen during my Martinair Holland technical period so many of these DC-9 types, but also the short and longer version.

Although there’s still some work to do, I’m pleased with this classic DC-9. And because I’m pleased with his model, the review/impression is a little longer then planned. Check out her comprehensive review link.