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iberia_rotate_flight_eham_gctsWe’re pleased to inform you that the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series from the Rotate Group has been updated to version 1.2.

As you might know, this MD-80 is a most accurate replica of the popular aircraft, specifically the MD-88 variation. The realism of the 3D model and texture work is pure and delightful eye candy. The advanced systems simulation makes a solid experience for the demanding flight simmer.
The updated version comes with the following change log list:
– All custom commands are now operative for hardware controller allocation.
– TCAS implementation in VSI and Weather Radar (TA and RA modes).
– Weather Radar range and other fuctions are now operative.
– Barometric pressure manipulator correction.
– Engine’s displays now with rolling numbers and blinking advisories.
– Solved some texture problems in the wheels.
– Slow fast indicator is now shown with AT dissengaged.
– Aerosoft airac database naming convention now supported.
– X Plane GNS430 airac database naming convention now supported.
– Tuned up fuel burn rates. Still work to do with APU.
– Tuned up AP modes. SPD/MACH SEL now selects V-SPD pitch mode when out of IAS/MACH mode.
– Tuned up AP modes. SPD/MACH SEL is now not selectable while in TO, GA or TO-FLX modes.
– Other improvements in AP modes.
– Tuned up exterior lights.
– Added camera movement restriction to the inside view.
– Added details in cockpit textures, specially in aft pedestal.
– Corrected some texture problems in the wheels.
– Autobrakes are dissengaged when manual braking is detected.

For more information visit the Rotate website or surf directly to the X-Plane.Org dedicated Rotate MD-80 store page.
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