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Flying from the States to the Faroe Islands is for our reviewer Paul Beckwith not a long trip and therefore, Paul decided to review for you the Faroe Islands from Maps2XPlane which is updated to X-Plane version 12.

According to Paul “The Faroe Islands XP is a tremendous piece of scenery or the Faroe Islands XP from Maps2XPlane is an award-winning scenery, and it continues to demonstrate exactly why it merited that award. Faroe Island XP. Buy it. There are few packages that are as worth the asking price as this work by Maps2XPlane and Albert Ràfols is. You will not regret it especially if you are a fan of helicopter flying and challenging your landing skills. If you are an airliner pilot, the Faroes are an increasingly popular destination in and of themselves, and the airport at Vágar is sure to challenge your skills especially when the weather is less than cooperative.”

Want to know all the ins and outs Paul discovered on his Faroe island hopping? Then you MUST check out his comprehensive review. Enjoy!