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Angelique van Campen, your personal reporter for detailed and in-depth reviews tried to cover the Italian Dolomites from Frank and Fabio.Not an easy task since the X-Plane 12 version of the Dolomites covers an area of 11.000 square kilometeres. That said, where to start, what to see, what to cover, what not and so on. According to Angelique “This is way tooooooo much to cover, but what I did see during my three stretches flying thru and around the modeled area offers me awesome realistic looking major and minor Dolomites, many airports, airfields and heliports.”

And “But thousands if not more objects representing every thing you can imagine. It’s all there. It is all included. Actually, I can’t find any other words then impressive, gorgeous, awesome, wow! A big thumb up for Frank and Fabio with this Italian Dolomites master piece.”

You can read Angelique’s Dolomites experiences at the dedicated X-Plained.Com review. Enjoy!