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It’s August 2019. I’ve started besides many other X-Plained related projects, my Norwegian adventures. I’m pleased to offer you in a series of review articles, part I of my Norwegian exploration. This adventure deals with the X-Plane scenery products from Hard Landing Studio Honningsvag Valan and the MeshXP Norway package from Taburet.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen took a SAS flight to Trondheim, and from their she flew with a rented GA aircraft to Honningsvag Valan. During this flight she explored the modified mesh scenery from Taburet that comes with a 5m resolution and she had enough time to check out the peninsula Honningsvag Valan. For those who aren’t familiar with where you can find Honningsvag Valan; it lies near the famous Nordkapp.

Angelique took the time to check out every corner of Honningsvag Valan and the Norwegian mesh from Taburet and I can tell you, that wasn’t always easy, but she’s happy with the overall in-depth review and invite you to check it out via this review link. What written in the beginning of this news post; her next Norwegian adventure deals with two freeware airports provided via Orbx Simulation Systems. After that, it’s up to Angelique what other Norwegian airports are reviewed. Aerosoft has released a couple although those are ported from FSX. She will see!

For now, enjoy this Norwegian Adventure part I!