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Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke explored for you this time his own country and flew around from East to West, from North to South, covering the Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South scenery. According to Andy “There is a great temptation to just keep on flying over this scenery, interested in the next detail to be viewed. The standard of presentation certainly is a game changer in terms of flight experience and creates another reason to simply get in a plane and fly. The package also assists greatly with VFR flight. Not all buildings are modelled in detail, but even those not given special attention are in the correct place and add to the view.”

But there’s more. Andy thinks “Settlements are recognisable from particular buildings and also road layout. In terms of navigation all settlements reflect the same “footprint” as those on the map and so can be identified. The detail, colours and textures are realistic and effective and blend well together.”

It has been an exiting journey for Andy and Angelique, who helped Andy with a couple of scenic YouTube flights. You can read it all in Andy’s comprehensive and detailed review