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This is an easy job for our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke, reviewing Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain Central. As Andy lives in the UK, it’s not far from his hometown to explore the beauty of the Central of England, made possible by Orbx with their TrueEarth packages.

According to Andy “Given the size and coverage of the scenery it is impossible to cover every iconic building and every area. The whole view fitted together and created stunning realism. The scenery below included a motorway, railway and minor road alongside each other. VFR flights would not have been as detailed given the detail provided by Orbx True Earth. The whole flight becomes alive as the user takes in the stunning detail and looks for the next landmarks, iconic site, road or water layout with confidence.”

Overall, an awesome package. You can read Andy’s complete in-depth review with a video surprise at the end of his review. Enjoy the reading and see you in the Central of Orbx Great Britain.