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Hey all,

This thumbnail attached to this new post could be every where, right? It could be the Canadian East coastline, of in Iceland, Ireland, or perhaps in Schotland ….. the Highlands?

Yes, that’s it! It’s a photo taken in the harbour of Thurso, one of the few villages in the northern part of the Scottish mainland. Actually, it is the largest village in the northern part of the Highlands. That said, we’re out for a couple of weeks to visit for the next time the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Soon we will take the ferry to Hull, drive to Glasgow, via Fort William to the Isle of Sky, then via Ullapool to Thurso and via Edinburgh back to Hull.

Since Schotland offers free Internet, I’ll try to keep up-to-date. Hopefully I’m also able to publish some reviews from my reviewers. We’ll see since it all depends on the weather if I can do something. Thurso is known, although it lies in the far north of Scotland, for it’s relatively warm climate. For now, comments and/or suggestions are welcome. See or speak you soon!

Angelique van Campen