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Cheyenne II Dutch Impression

During these days it’s fun to fly over my own country. In my case that’s the Netherlands, Europe (for those simmers who have no idea where the Netherlands are situated). It gives me a moment to relax, a moment to test all the aircraft I have in my huge hangar.

This time I decided to make a photoshoot session of the Carenado PA-31T Cheyenne II for X-Plane 11. And no, in case you think that, this is not a review of the aircraft, it’s just a bunch of photos I make on this IFR trip, starting at EHBK to EHTX. To give the overall a good look, I decided to install the following freeware add-on packages, besides of course the Carenado aircraft itself:

  • X-Europe from SimHeaven
  • ZonesPhoto photo-real textures for the Netherlands with adjacent packages from Belgium and Germany
  • FlyWithLua NG
  • FlyAgi Tweak Utility (FTU) lua scripts
  • X-Visibility lua script
  • Cloud textures Environment+


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