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Belga12345 KJGG

Belga12345 aka Marc Leydecker is busy with another highly detailed US airport. This time is KJGG. (Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, Virginia, USA).

According to Marc “I started this project in February 2016 and easily spend over 2000 hours on it.

All objects, including vehicles, static aircraft, buildings, vegetation, animations, etc. were made in Sketchup and based on the hundreds of pictures I took.

Some of the highlights of KJGG with over 400 custom objects:

  • HD Photo-realistic Every building was accurately crafted using photo-textures
  • HD Photo-realistic Cars, buses and trucks in perfect scale with photo-textures
  • Most of the vehicles are actually located on this airport
  • HD Photo-realistic Airport equipment based on pictures
  • HD custom made building lighting
  • HD custom made lightposts, telephone and power poles
  • Custom grasses, weeds, trees, flowerbeds, bushes and forests
  • Custom pavement textures based on photographs
  • Animated work zones (working bulldozers, dump-trucks, rollers, bobcats, etc)
  • Animated news chopper
  • Animated flying and or rotating helicopters
  • Animated equipment: generators, forklifts
  • Animated airport vehicles (with collision awareness, vehicles will not cross runway/taxiway if busy)
  • Animated people
  • Animated gates
  • Animated emergency vehicles
  • Animated animals
  • Animated Goodyear “blimp”
  • And the list goes on …….

Enjoy for now these exclusive X-Plane 10.51 screenshots. More to come. Just in case you ask …. airport release date not known!

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  1. Chaps

    Very nice indeed. But then I would expect nothing less then exceptional from Marc. I will be looking for its release

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