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Sea Life Library 1.0

We’re pleased to offer you, in consult with the developer Chris Noe, and his approval, to offer you his Sea Life library.

According to Chris “Sea Life Library, add sea life to the ocean. This is like the dolphin,”Dolly”in OpenSceneryX taken to the next level. Sea life adds animated pods of whales, Orcas, Tuna, a great white shark and dolphins.”

He continues “There’s small and large pods, blue and humpback whales. calves and mothers. breaching whales. They pods always change shape, jump a different times, constantly changing.”

“Each whale in the pod has different jump time and orbit time, so the pod is continually changing. Place these objects in the ocean using Overlay Editor, and life to your water world.”

I haven’t seen often that an airport developer that created an airport that lies near to the sea or ocean, uses this library to add something special to his environment. Perhaps this library brings up new ideas!



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Sea Life (34.7 MiB, 420 downloads)