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Perhaps that’s the million-dollar question for yourself. Being a reviewer could be fun, and it could offer other benefits. On purpose I write “could be” because you don’t need a gift to write in-depth or comprehensive reviews, but you need other skills to succeed in being a respected reviewer.

Can you learn that passion or is this something you must have?
Let’s put it like this …. if you have a passion to be a successful reviewer is something you and I don’t know in advance, but it could help a lot when you can think and write as simmers do. And not to forget … enthusiasm is also an important factor. Oops, what does that mean?
Place yourself in the person of a dummy X-Plane simmer. Sounds weird isn’t it? Imagine, somebody who has just started with X-Plane and doesn’t know anything like how to install packages or perhaps who has no idea how to configure X-Plane. But you could also think of how to add add-ons or perhaps who has not many flying skills.

It sounds silly, but when you’re able to think in this way, at least I do, you can write from that perspective. The result is that you won’t quickly forget important issues to write down. And yes, I know what you’re thinking right now “but then the review becomes cluttered with a lot of things I know already, so why should I read this review and/or impression”?

Believe me, people will read these reviews/impressions and not only those who are just new, but also experienced simmers. And now, still interested in writing reviews and/or impressions? Give it a chance, see for yourself if you’re critical enough to be able to write an objective piece of text. It’s not easy, but the end result could be reworded by others however, keep in mind that you need to have the time to write and test the products you’re going to review. Writing experience isn’t directly needed, but passion!

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