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Are you perhaps that simmer that would like to help once and a while with publishing news on X-Plained, or writing an interesting article or publishing screenshots?

After a year of hard working, X-Plained has grown fast, very fast and is still growing. This is in particular the case when we’ve published an e-Newsletter, but also on a daily base, new subscriptions are coming in. I’m not always able to do on a daily base all the work, and it also diverts myself from starting with SketchUp, which was my wish to start with. During absence, whatever this is and wherever I am, I’m not always able to handle X-Plained. Either there’s no strong Wifi signal on my holiday location, or the weather doesn’t allow me to do so.

Therefore, it’s time to think about expanding the team, in particular for news, articles or other interesting things like publishing screenshots for our Google + page. When you like this, and you think you could do a dedicated job with X-Plained, and you think you’ve got the passion to do so, please write me via

Looking forward to receiving your reply.