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Ingrid-Sint-AntoniusAlthough I normally don’t do this, but since I’m exhausted of what happend last evening/night, I feel that I need to use X-Plained to explain.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my previous posting “Why” that somewhere in mid July of this year, Ingrid, my living partner, felt hard with her right shoulder on the ground. Later then expected she was released from the hospital, but yesterday evening it was “shit” again. We went, on request of the Sint Antonius hospital, back to the SEH (Emergency Department) after her wound was bleeding again. It turned out that her blood seems to have particles of an bacterial infection. Decision was quickly made …. surgery, open the wound, clean it, check if the philosplate and screws have been infected (as far as possible) and close it again. They found nothing or at least not to be worried about that could lead to more concerns, but the hemotoma in her arm near the wound and the hematoma above her breast are most likely infected by a bacteria. Blood samples have been taken for a 4 days incubation and then they “hopefully” know which bacteria it is and continue with pills specific to defeat this bacteria.

For now, she stays in the hospital for 4 days, and last night I’ve heard that it takes roughly 48 hours before the antibiotic is at optimal strength to fight the infected bacteria in the hemotoma.

Is this all your concern? No, and normally I won’t bother others with private matters, but this hurts. Continuing with news and writing reviews is right now for me not possible. I hope you understand this and accept the “non X-Plained” posting.