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We’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained.Com is now supporting and promotion Silentdark666 his work …. “TheULTIMATE” MOD version 2.0 for X-Plane 11.

Experience X-Plane like you’ve never seen it before and like it was meant to be! This Mod brings you the “Ultimate Visual Experience” and Unlocks “True Power of X-Plane 11” in a all-in-one easy drag and drop package lets you do what you do Best and that’s just Fly and Enjoy TheULTIMATE Experience!

TheULTIMATE Mod includes…

  • ULTIMATE Enhanced Clouds with Better Color, Shapes, Sizes and Draw Distance and Reduced Haze.
  • ULTIMATE Enhanced Water that looks Amazing and Reflects the Environment and Clouds in a Realistic way
  • ULTIMATE Enhanced “Night Lighting” for Large City’s and Urban areas, Small Towns and Rural areas, Highways, Roads, and Airport Environments
  • Enhanced Cockpit and Exterior Aircraft Shadows
  • Enhanced “Light Bloom” Effect on Horizon and Environment without having to use 3rd party filters
  • Realistic Exterior Aircraft Lights
  • The ULTIMATE Mod Comes in 2 Version’s “Full Graphics” and “Optimized” for maximum FPS and Works with xEnviro as well as stock X-Plane 11!
  • And much more….

More information and download instructions can be found at our dedicated web page.