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SimToolkitPro would like to share with you the following news. SimToolkitPro has entered public alpha. It can be downloaded from the Download page.

According to SimToolkitPro “It will receive regular patches, the crash reporter does work and is important to pushing development forward. Please communicate discrepancies in data to me in any way that is convenient, reddit message (/u/xyligo) or the discord support group linked above.”

But what is SimToolkitPro for program? A quick run down of the requirements, what SimToolkitPro does and will do in the future.

  • Landing Reporting
    • Centreline Deviation
    • Descent Rate Charts
    • Touchdown Speed and Rate
    • Stopping Distances from Touchdown
  • Approach Practice System
    • Setup and Practiced an approach at any runway in world
    • Straight In Finals
    • Base Approaches
    • Downwind Approaches
    • Vectored/Intercept Approaches
    • All fully customisable leg lengths,  speeds and altitudes
    • Configure your aircraft automatically from the UI
  • Scenarios
    • Practice some prebuilt scenarios such as the tricky Inssbruck DME approach, the Checkerboard Approach to Kai Tak or the infamous Maderia landing
    • Create your own and share them
  • Scenery Manager
    • Manage scenery and load order for scenery files in FSX/P3D and X-Plane
  • Live Map
    • Live mapping and tracking of flights
  • Streaming Tools
    • Landing rate announcer bot (will have more features in future)
    • Streaming outputs for OBS with live flight data
  • Failures System
    • Randomised and planned failures system