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We’re pleased to inform you that your passionate reviewers Paul Beckwith and Angelique van Campen checked out X-Plane 12. We don’t call it a review but more an overview of what X-Plane 12 will bring. As of this writing, December 2022, X-Plane 12 just went official. Paul is doing his share related to the Windows platform while Angelique is taking care for macOS. For Paul “FPS” (Frames Per Second) isn’t really a problem but Angelique needs to think about buying a new iMac or Mac Studio.

According to Paul “Personally, I have found X-Plane 12 to be quite an exciting update to X-Plane 11 and am looking forward to the coming months when the scenery and aircraft become available for this upgrade. I think my biggest disappointment thus far is that all my float planes have been broken by the new aquatic properties.” But good news is on the way; most GA aircraft with floats will become compatible with X-Plane 12 water.

And we found so much more for you and therefore, check out our comprehensive “X-Plane 12 overview”.